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Label: BTE Records
Title: " Postgamum Depression Remixes"
Release Date: August 2015, Vinyl - September 2015, Digital
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat: BTER03

A1: Postgamum Depression - [ I/Y Remix ]
A2: Postgamum Depression - [ HAIKU Remix ]
B1: Postgamum Depression - [ KIKE PRAVDA Remix ]
B2: Postgamum Depression - [ ANNULLED USER Remix ]

Distribution: VinylLabor Vinyl 

4 remixes of the famous track "Postgamum Depression" by Tomohiko Sagae 
already appeared on BTER02.
An EP techno oriented, remixed by 4 great artists.
On side A remix of two great friends I/Y and Haiku BTE artist.
On the other side there are the remixes of the monumental Kike Pravda, and a young and already established artists, as Annuled User.
All tracks are produced by Mike Heron and BTE Records.

The vinyls are printed and distributed by from



KIke Pravda

Kike Pravda


Born in Vitoria, the fans of Kike Pravda for music comes from very small. His parents worked in a music store, so I always had to hand both instruments of all kinds as analog machines. While his father, musician and electronic and sound technician, took home appliances such as the Roland TR 909 or Monopoly Korg keyboards DX7 to study or for work, Kike played with them and learned to program them, educating your ear starting with that today are classics of electronic music, not knowing yet that was beginning to lay the foundations of their future.

His early influences came from Acid House, most electronic that could be heard at the time. However, it was after watching a video of DMC when he decided that the world of the dishes was what he really liked, even to participate and win a contest. His interest in electronics grew and started buying vinyl and introduced gradually booths afternoon sessions, where he became familiar with the art of mixing.

In the early 90s, Kike get their first home, particularly in the now defunct Club Pravda in his hometown. The skill of Kike behind the desk attracted people from other cities, thanks to its exquisite musical selection, which included music imported from the US, England and Germany, thus turning into a club Pravda benchmark in the period. Kike reconeoce the influence from artists like Basic Channel, Robert Hood, Joan Atkins, The Advent or Plastikman, and labels like Sinewave, Downwards, Axis, Counter Balance, Dynamic Tension or Tresor.

Thereafter, he began a growing career that has led him to perform in halls and important festivals like Fabrik, Danzoo, La Real, Fever, Electrogaia or Santander Summer Festival, in Spain, or Treats Open Air, Fraiche or Underground, and outside our borders. This has led him to share cabin with world-class artists like Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Reeko, Exium, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Regis, James Ruskin, Luke Slater, Takaaki Itoh or Surgeon, among many others.

Given his passion for music, the next step in his career was clear. Kike soon venture into production. His first job was for vinyl coming-Katak Dutch label in 2000, under the name Phazer in a duo with his brother. From then until 2007, many collaborations on labels like Labrynth, M_Rec, Injected Poison, Digital Reflection or especially Psychoskunk, with whom he worked closely in many references on vinyl and in digital format. But it was not until 2009 when he saw fulfilled one of his dreams as a producer, published in the Warm Up Recordings label, which released "Fear is the Enemy", work that was accompanied by a remix of Oscar Mulero.

However, 2012 is the year in which Kike Pravda gives the final step. First, with a new release in Warm UP, "Queen of the Dammned", composed of two courts and, again, a remix of Mulero. And then, with the creation of his own label, Senoid Recordings, for whose first reference was assisted by Ben Sims and which has already sounded by renowned artists like Chris Liebing, DVS1, Truncate, Oscar Mulero, Exium or Marcel Flenger. But both Senoid Recordings as Kike not stop there, and you have confirmed your next great collaborations for references.



(I/Y – DE)
Machine sounds for sensible minds.

Irakli Kiziria Yacoub Chakarji

Yacoub and Irakli met in Berlin and delved into techno at the beginning of the millennium. Since its inception, I/Y has tried to go beyond functionality and explore singularity in electronic music. In the abyss of atonal and dystopian soundscapes – never leaving character once and shirking the colorful accoutrements of false hope – they observe everything : “the world is ending, future is a fallacy, we have no choice but to celebrate the dying light of our civilization with mourning and wild dancing.



Annulled User

It is time to use music as a vehicle, leading to the attention of the user something that otherwise would have remained submerged. To make sure that the music primers some kind of brain activity. This project will seek to analyze some aspects that are part of a larger scenario. A socio-economic system around the corner of his natural end, the lack of resources, untold ecological disasters, which are leading inevitably to the collapse of this planet. The music remains today one of the few things that can often combine large numbers of people simultaneously in the same place, except for religion. And it is what they are afraid of. When the capitalist economic system based on the existence of the end user will collapse, then we will not serve any more. At that point it makes no sense to keep us alive, keep up the facilities to ensure the health of individuals and the distribution of food. Just as is happening nowadays in third world countries.


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OUT SOON 15-5-2014


Label: BTE Records
Title: " Postgamum Depression Ep"
Release: May
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat: BTER02

A1: Tomohiko Sagae - Postgamum Depression
A2: Tomohiko Sagae - Continuos Pain
B1: Tomohiko Sagae - Postgamum Depression [VICTOR MARTINEZ Remix]
B2: Tomohiko Sagae - Postgamum Depression [CHEMIE LS Remix]

Distribution: VinylLabor Vinyl release
Digital release



sabato 1 febbraio 2014


Chemie divides his life between passion for techno music and his chemist career. 
His music is mainly focused on original sound of detroit, mixed with influences coming from European 90's techno and is inspired by artists such as Regis, Dettmann, Surgeon and all Berghain crew, bringing him to release in techno labels such as Dynamic Reflection, Labrynth, Affin.

Sub-Atomic Collisions (V/A Step Away From The Never Ending Path) [Dynamic Reflection, DGR 005]
Entropy [Affin 068]
Nanostructures (Labrynth, LABD052))


Victor Martinez is the owner of Psychoskunk Recordings, Producer, DJ and sound engineer, but also a reference in northern Spain about techno music, getting to play in several European cities like London, Leeds, Barcelona, Madrid etc..
With a career that spans over a decade Victor has developed a unique and personal style and can be seen in particular dj sets that venture through the many subgeneres of electronic music. Victor has worked for foreign labels: Sect records (London-UK),Pole Group (Spain), Pohjola (Sweden), Shapeless (Italy) Etichetta Nera (Italy) Subsequent (Argentina), UTCH (Chile), D-Reflection (Netherlands), Lycaon (Spain) etc.. Being faithful to his style and philosophy, Victor is in a continuous evolution betting for new sounds and new dimensions in the techno scene and bound to evolve in various fields of contemporary creation, as the soundtrack for the documentaries or several short films, trailers, commercials making off etc His records and productions are regularly charted and played the likes of: Oscar Mulero, Claude Young, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, DVS1, Xhin and many more.. Nowadays, he explores a new project with the a.k.a "Error Etica" which has the essence on the deeper side of life. Experimental, deep and dark sounds, departure from the hard rhythmic on behalf of way of understanding techno now a days, a sound carefully crafted and skillfully developed. A guy far from fads and trends that often exposes deep, dark, rawness and energy, lots of energy.


Datos Y Vicio (12″) | Psychoskunk Recordings | 2003
Requiem For The E-Scene (12″) | Psychoskunk Recordings | 2005
Aquamortis (4xFile, MP3, EP, 256) | OffAudio | 2006
Advanced Logic Evolution (The Album & Remixes) (CD) | Psychoskunk Recordings | 2007
Northern District (12″) | Psychoskunk Recordings | 2007
Tensión Evolutiva (4xFile, MP3, EP, 256) | OffAudio | 2007
Neljäs Runo (12″) | Pohjola | 2008
Neljäs Runo Pt 2 (6xFile, MP3) | Pohjola |2008
The Blac Infiltration | The infiltrator (Oscar Mulero Rmx)| Psychoskunk | 2010
Lessons on Emptiness (12″) | Sect records | 2011
Error Etica - The Axiom Of Coherent States - PSK005 2012
Error Etica - The Axiom Of Coherent States reworks Pt1 PSK06 2012
Error Etica - The Axiom Of Coherent States reworks Pt2 PSK07 2013