lunedì 4 novembre 2013


Born in south Japan, Go Hiyama discovered techno music in 1994, when he got exposed to the sounds of such artists as YMO, Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Fumiya Tanaka and labels like Warp and Subvoice among others.

In 1995, Go Hiyama decided that it was time to start making his own tracks. His thinking for minimalism isn’t reduced to just music, so his tracks are always built by very different ideas and music styles.

Go Hiyama has released over 30 original productions on many different labels like Perc Trax, Token, Audio Assault, Stroboscopic Artefacts and the already mentioned Coda and Warm Up. His demand is rapidly growing worldwide.

And so in 2009, Go Hiyama has started up a label “blank records” with his older brother, Jin Hiyama. “blank records” produce an application for iPhone, video images and designs as not only the music track.

His live set is also increasingly praised and has performed with Ken Ishii, Takkyu Ishino, Q’hey, Shin Nishimura and Takaaki Itoh those who leading the dance music in Japan at “AWAKENINGS Japan Special” produced by European biggest party as “AWAKENINGS”.
He own other label "HueHelix" with Ryuji Takeuchi, Tomohiko Sagae and Kazuya Kawakami.

Wege Zur EP (12", EP) Coda Records 2002
Cat's Cradle (12") Electracom 2003
Art & Strategy (12") Warm Up Recordings 2004
Polemic (12") Maracas 2004
Page 122. EP (12", EP) AsianDynasty 2005
Kolmas Runo (12") Pohjola 2006
Realization EP (12") Audio Assault 2006
Two From 20 Latter Halfs EP (12", EP) Audio Assault 2007
Crispy Bites EP (12", EP) Dynamic Reflection 2008
Geometrical (12") Audio Assault 2008
Mathematical Accuracy (12") Perc Trax 2008
Same Vector EP (12", EP) Zwart 2008
First Tail (File, WAV + File, MP3) Blank Records 2009
First Tail Remix EP (4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Blank Records 2010
Residual Set (12") Audio Assault 2010
Survival E.P. (12", EP) Token 2010
Post Modern (12", EP) Perc Trax 2010

Emergence Nine (Remixes) (12") Emergence Nine (Go Hiyama Remix) Emergence Records 2008
Inspirational Motivational (20xFile, MP3, Comp) Open Minded (Go Hiyama Remix) Christian Records 2008
Raid System Ver.AD (File, MP3, Album) Against The Wall (Go Hiyama Remix) AsianDynasty 2008
Ring & Portrait (Remixes) (10xFile, MP3) Ring & Portrait (Go Hiyama Remix) AN