lunedì 4 novembre 2013


BTE Records' Art Director
Haiku is a project born after several experiences in the scene Underground Techno license plate . He began to experiment with music production as himself at the age of 16 years, under the guidance of Andrea Santorini, his countryman and friend. At age 19 he moved to Northern Italy where he met for the first time with the sub-culture of clubbing due to Stereo Turin. 

There absorbs the most impressive influences on the rise on the Underground Techno scene of which is soon a way of life that leads him to travel many times each year to follow the most interesting scenes in Europe. In Turin Haiku gives birth to the idea of ​​Raw Waxes , his label which has as its purpose the support of a Techno vinyl , and that leaves no room for compromise. This philosophy readily receives the support of many leading personalities of the scene, which take part in the project without difficulty. Haiku has now completed his first EP for BTE Records [001] , vinyl with a remix of Donor . 

The productions are made ​​by the summary of modular synthesis in live rcording , field recordings and editing . A split EP will be released on vinyl SP series Toffler Music , the 2 tracks were created by editing a single sample and the support of 2 drum machines for the percussion part . Other works are being finalized and will be announced soon .

Haiku , such as Japanese poetry from which it takes its name, but wants to communicate so much with synthesis and abstraction.

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