giovedì 2 luglio 2015


Annulled User

It is time to use music as a vehicle, leading to the attention of the user something that otherwise would have remained submerged. To make sure that the music primers some kind of brain activity. This project will seek to analyze some aspects that are part of a larger scenario. A socio-economic system around the corner of his natural end, the lack of resources, untold ecological disasters, which are leading inevitably to the collapse of this planet. The music remains today one of the few things that can often combine large numbers of people simultaneously in the same place, except for religion. And it is what they are afraid of. When the capitalist economic system based on the existence of the end user will collapse, then we will not serve any more. At that point it makes no sense to keep us alive, keep up the facilities to ensure the health of individuals and the distribution of food. Just as is happening nowadays in third world countries.